August is international Black Philanthropy Month and FFBC is proud to be the Canadian lead of this initiative.  

Over the next month, we’ll be featuring on our social media channels and on our website, Black Canadians and allies whom through their leadership, generosity and allyship have transform lives in our communities. We encourage you to reshare this content and use the hashtag #bpm2023! 

Bella White

Founder and Co-CEO
Dragonfly Ventures

Wendy Cooper

Co-CEO, Integrated Capital
Dragonfly Ventures

Black Philanthropy enriches the fabric of philanthropy and community development in Canada. Communities are about where you live, but also who you are and who you have shared experiences with. We all come out ahead when our community foundations reflect that truth.

Kevin McCort

President and CEO
Vancouver Foundation

Black Philanthropy Month shines a light on the transformative power of unity and giving within our community. Together, we forge a path of hope, empowering change and amplifying voices that inspire a brighter future for all. #iamBlackphilanthropy #bpm2023

Tyler Boyce

Executive Director
Enchanté Network

Decades of work by Black community leaders led to the creation of the FFBC. Let’s not lose momentum at a time when moving forward requires sustained allyship by all of us in Canadian philanthropy.  We have to show up, raise our hands, and speak out. #IsupportBlackphilanthropy 

Sadia Zaman

Inspirit Foundation

Black Philanthropy has changed the world with centuries of giving back and tradition. It has long been more than just money. It is anchored in the spirit of Ubuntu. It is about connection to one another in ways that have advanced civic engagement, sending young scholars to school, caring for the weakest among us. It is about setting the example for inclusion, and celebrating a shared yet disparate history. There is a power in community. #iamBlackphilanthropy #bpm2023

Mark Beckles

Vice President, Social Impact & Innovation

I believe that Black philanthropy and the work of FFBC, is essential in dismantling systemic racism in our the philanthropic sector. The only viable path to more equitable futures for everyone, is to break down pervasive systems and structures that consolidate philanthropic power and wealth in the hands of the few. FFBC is forging a new path. I am excited to be along for the ride. #IsupportBlackphilanthropy #bpm2023

Kendra Kerr

Director, Community Investments & Social Impact
MLSE Foundation

Black Philanthropy is more than just giving back to our communities. It is about investing in the future of our Black communities to empower our communities, giving us agency to shape our narrative, uplift our voices and bring sustainable and lasting change.  #iamBlackphilanthropy #bpm2023

Nneka Otogbolu

Director, Strategic Initiatives and Equity
Edmonton Community Foundation