Black@TED: FFBC’s partnership with TED – a significant milestone in our shared commitment to fostering diversity, empowerment, and positive change for Black Communities worldwide.


FFBC is thrilled to announce our partnership with TED, Black@TED, marking a significant milestone in our shared commitment to fostering diversity, empowerment, and positive change for Black Communities worldwide.

Rebecca Darwant, FFBC Co-Founder and Board Member

At the heart of FFBC lies a commitment to invest in Black communities and to be a catalyst for systemic change — and to ensure this commitment is shared broadly by all. Our journey is one of innovation, advocacy, and unyielding dedication to rectify underinvestment in Black communities — a testament to the power of proactive engagement and action. 

“At the core of our partnership lies a shared vision to amplify Black voices and ideas. Together, we are embarking on an extraordinary journey to enhance the TED experience for Black attendees. At TED2024, Black@TED provides a platform for Black TED attendees to forge meaningful connections, strengthen allyship, and engage in thought-provoking discussions inspired by the conference and beyond.”

Leah Sanford, Director of Communications, on behalf of FFBC

Partnerships with TED are not merely transactions; they are transformative experiences. Leveraging TED’s global platform and its progressive approach to education and learning through storytelling, this collaboration has the power to reshape narratives, shift cultures, and inspire a community of Black TED attendees, allies, and local community members to collectively create societal and systemic change. 

“TED is excited to partner with the Foundation for Black Communities for the upcomingTED2024 Conference! This collaboration isn’t just about amplifying Black voices and ideas – it’s about creating vibrant spaces where the Black@TED community can thrive and grow. Together we’re not just building networks, but igniting conversations, forging connections, and championing change makers who are redefining what’s possible and are helping to pave the way for a future where everyone’s voice is heard and valued.  FFBC brings a vision that truly resonates with us – an idea changes everything – and we are thrilled to join forces and make it a reality through our work together.”

Monique Ruff Bell, TED Chief Program & Strategy Officer

Farewell Lunch at TEDWomen 2023: Two Steps Forward. October 11-13, 2023, Atlanta, GA. Photo: Erin Lubin / TED

Join us in celebrating this momentous partnership! 

If you are attending TED2024, please join us for the following Black@TED events: 

Black@TED welcome meetup
Monday, April 15, 3:00PM – 4:30PM PDT

Black@TED reception dinner
Wednesday, April 17, 7:00PM – 10:00PM PDT

Black@TED closing meetup
Thursday, April 18, 3:30PM – 4:30PM PDT

FFBC extends our heartfelt gratitude to TED – together, we are building a global community that thrives on dialogue, connection, and collective impact for years to come.