Anti-Discrimination Policy

1.0 Rationale 

The Foundation for Black Communities (FFBC) supports and promotes equity, diversity and inclusion at every level within the organization – including among our staff, volunteers and grantees. FFBC is committed to adhering to the Canadian Human Rights Act. 

2.0 Purpose 

FFBC affirms its strong commitment to principles of equity, diversity and inclusion and will neither discriminate in any of its practices nor tolerate discrimination by grantees. This policy applies to all activities of FFBC and grantees, including but not limited to employment, purchasing, strategic partnerships, selecting vendors or consultants, and all other uses of public funds. 

3.0 Policy 

3.1 Protected Grounds 

FFBC prohibits actions that discriminate contrary to the Canadian Human Rights Act on any of the following grounds: 

  • race
  • national or ethnic origin
  • colour
  • religion
  • age
  • sex
  • sexual orientation
  • gender identity or expression
  • marital status
  • family status
  • genetic characteristics
  • disability or 
  • conviction for an offence for which a pardon has been granted or in respect of which a record suspension has been ordered.

3.2 Applicants and Grantees 

FFBC will not fund organizations that engage in discrimination against persons contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, including in staffing, participant eligibility or program content. 

All grant applicants and grantees are required to confirm that they will follow this policy. 

For more details on eligibility for funding, please refer to FFBC’s Eligibility Policy. 

3.3 Penalties 

Discrimination will not be tolerated, condoned, or ignored by FFBC.  If a claim of discrimination is proven, disciplinary measures will be applied.  For staff, disciplinary measures may include suspension, suspension without pay, or termination of employment.  For volunteers, disciplinary measures may include the suspension or termination of volunteer status and eligibility to volunteer.  For grantees, disciplinary measures may include rescission of a grant or grants, a suspension of eligibility for funding until the grantee can prove that it has taken appropriate steps to remediate discriminatory practices, or the revocation of the eligibility of the grantee to apply for FFBC funding in the future. 

Collaborative Applicants Policy

1.0 Rationale 

The Foundation for Black Communities (FFBC) supports and encourages the efforts of community organizations and groups to work together on projects that will achieve positive community impact for Black Canadians.  

FFBC recognizes and supports Black collaborative arrangements that meet FFBC eligibility criteria and funding requirements and through common purpose and shared responsibilities will produce good community outcomes for Black Canadians. 

FFBC will fund Black collaborative projects where all collaborative members directly contribute to achieving the project outcomes in a significant way. 

2.0 Purpose 

FFBC has outlined its position to support effective Black collaboration in accordance with our eligibility criteria. 

3.0 Policy 

3.1 Eligibility 

FFBC supports collaboration in the non-profit and charitable sectors and accepts collaborative applications submitted by an eligible Black Collaborative Lead. Collaborative applications include a collaborative agreement, which details the collaborative members, the project purpose, the working arrangement of the collaborative, and the roles and responsibilities of each collaborative member. 

Please refer to FFBC’s required Collaborative Agreement Template.

Eligibility Policy

1.0 Definitions 

Collaborative application: A collaborative of two or more organizations with a well-defined relationship applying for funding of a project in which the organizations will work together to achieve a common goal. 

Political activity: Activities carried out to support or oppose any political party, elected representative, or candidate for public office. 

Flow-through funding: Funding that will be reallocated to a third-party organization.  

Organizations with limited affiliations: Organizations that meet the needs of specific populations, including youth or seniors’ groups, cultural associations and legions. 

Religious entities: Organizations established for the observation of religious beliefs, including churches, temples, mosques and synagogues.

2.0 Rationale 

In order to maintain the highest standards of accountability, ensure an efficient application process, and provide an opportunity for applicants to self-assess their eligibility, the Foundation for Black Communities (FFBC) has established eligibility criteria for applicants and activities. 

3.0 Purpose 

This policy defines eligibility for FFBC funding and states exclusions from eligibility.  

4.0 Policy 

4.1 The Purpose of FFBC Grants 

FFBC grants support Black-led, Black-serving, and Black-focused non-profit, charitable, grassroots organizations, and Black leaders to have the sustained resources and infrastructure they need to make meaningful impact, as stated in the mission of FFBC.  

FFBC grants are intended to help finance eligible costs by providing trust-based, results oriented funding that directly supports funded project activities. 

4.2 Eligible Applicants 

An applicant for an FFBC grant must have: 

  • a presence and reputation in Canada;
  • a primary purpose of delivering community programs and services to benefit Black people in Canada;
  • a demonstrable capacity to manage and complete the project an FFBC grant would support;
  • the ability to demonstrate that it is an appropriate organization to carry out the proposed project.
  • Any one of the following organizations may be eligible for funding:
  • a charitable organization or foundation registered with the Canada Revenue Agency
  • an organization incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in Canada;
  • individual Black leaders with an incorporated partner

Organizations which are religious entities or faith-based groups and are registered charities or not-for-profit corporations may be eligible, provided that the funded programs or services are not religious and do not include a requirement to participate in any dimensions of faith. 

A collaboration of two or more organizations may be eligible where the lead organization in the collaboration meets FFBC eligibility criteria and accepts responsibility for the application and grant, including financial and reporting accountability.   All organizations participating in the collaboration must be in compliance with FFBC’s Anti-Discrimination Policy.  For further information please refer to FFBC’s Collaborative Applicants Policy. 

All applicants for FFBC grants must comply with and agree to continue to comply with the Canadian Human Rights Act, FFBC’s Anti-Discrimination Policy, and all legislation applicable to their activities. 

4.3 Ineligible Applicants 

The following are not eligible for FFBC grants: 

  • for-profit organizations;
  • organizations primarily engaged in political activity supporting or opposing any political party, elected representative, or candidate for public office
  • organizations or agencies established primarily to support or fund ineligible organizations;  and
  • organizations that do not meet the criteria set out in section 4.2 above.

The following, however, may participate in a collaboration among organizations applying for an FFBC grant, provided that the lead organization in the collaboration and all participants in the collaboration are in compliance with the provisions of section 4.2 above regarding collaborations: 

  • private or corporate foundations and their agencies;
  • agencies of provincial or federal governments;
  • municipalities and their agencies;
  • universities, colleges, schools and hospitals, and their agencies;
  • for-profit organizations.
4.4 Ineligible Activities 

The following activities are not eligible for FFBC grants: 

  • the duplication of existing funding;
  • the financing of deficits;
  • the purchase or sale of alcohol or cannabis, financing related licenses or permits, or capital renovations or repairs to facilities or spaces used for the purpose of selling alcohol or cannabis;
  • political activities supporting or opposing any political party, elected representative, or candidate for public office;
  • activities which are religious or include a requirement to participate in any dimensions of faith;
  • capital renovations or repairs of premises used for the purpose of religious observance or practice;
  • general fundraising drives or capital campaigns;
  • activities, programs or services which do not provide a benefit to Black communities in Canada; 
  • activities, programs or services carried out or provided outside of Canada;
  • activities completed, or costs incurred, before the start date specified in an FFBC grant contract;
  • flow-through funding; 

Grant Recognition Policy

1.0 Rationale 

The Foundation for Black Communities (FFBC) centers community leadership and accountability. FFBC invests in Black-led, Black-serving, and Black-focused (B3) organizations and partnerships to support Black communities in Canada and strengthen the presence and impact of B3 organizations in the Canadian non-profit sector. 

FFBC maintains a high level of accountability and transparency in the distribution of its funds. To do so, FFBC requires grantees to recognize the Foundation for Black Communities for the funds received. This grant recognition also provides an opportunity for grantees to promote and celebrate the work they do in communities. FFBC recognizes the wide variety of organizations and projects it funds and works with each grantee to define recognition activities that suit their needs and those of the FFBC. 

2.0 Purpose 

This policy outlines how grantees are to recognize their FFBC funding. 

3.0 Policy 

All FFBC grantees are required to publicly recognize FFBC funding in a variety of ways, as per the requirements outlined below. 

3.1 Recognition Activities

All FFBC grantees are required to publicly acknowledge their funding through recognition activities. To meet this requirement, FFBC grantees are to: 

  • Use their existing communication channels to announce and acknowledge receipt of FFBC funding to all stakeholders. Grantees can also host in-person recognition events and/or create a media release to recognize the funding. Examples of in-person events include: a program launch, AGM, press conference, opening ceremony, ribbon cutting, ground-breaking, photo opportunity, open house, festival, an end of year event. 
  • Use the FFBC logo and name according to FFBC brand guidelines.
  • Display any promotional material received from FFBC in a public area.
  • Report on all public recognition activities and media coverage in their Progress and/or Final Reports.
3.2 Additional Requirements 

In addition to the requirements above, some grant streams may require additional recognition activities. In those instances, FFBC will advise grantees of the additional requirements.

One Application Per Deadline Policy

1.0 Rationale 

The Foundation for Black Communities (FFBC) limits the number of applications per organization, per stream, per granting deadline in order to: ensure competitive fairness, avoid dependency on FFBC funding, ensure capacity to manage FFBC funds, mitigate risk, and ensure equitable access for a broad range of applicants. 

2.0 Policy 

FFBC accepts one application per organization, per stream, per granting deadline from eligible applicants, including organizations serving as the lead in collaboratives. 

Eligible organizations may hold more than one active grant at a time as a result of submitting successful applications to previous funding deadlines. 

3.0 Definitions 

Granting Deadline:  The published deadline (date and time) for submitting applications for grant funding to FFBC. 

Payment Release for Grantees Policy

1.0 Rationale 

The Foundation for Black Communities (FFBC) is accountable for the funds it distributes to grantees. Accountability requires careful review of the appropriate information in conjunction with verification and documentation of the decisions. The success of grants is dependent on a grantee's ability to manage their programs and funds in a timely manner consistent with the terms of their Grant Contract. Consequently, FFBC releases funds to grantees only when program staff have deemed the grantee is ready to proceed with the implementation of the grant and receive the payment, based on a satisfactory review of the information provided. 

2.0 Purpose 

To ensure that funds are spent accountably, FFBC strives to ensure the responsible use of funds by its grant recipients. 

3.0 Policy 

Payments are flowed to grantees who meet the terms of their Grant Contract with FFBC. The first payment will be released after the signed Grant Contract has been submitted to FFBC. For larger grants, payments are subject to successful completion of six-month reviews by program staff.  

Transfer of Active Grants Policy

1.0 Rationale 

The Foundation for Black Communities (FFBC) ensures the accountability of public funds through a fair and transparent application assessment process and funding decisions based on the recommendations by a Local Review Committee (LRC). 

To maintain the highest standards of accountability and transparency, FFBC does not transfer active grants from the approved grantee to another organization. FFBC will consider specific administrative transfers. 

The Transfer of Active Grants Policy ensures the decision-making principles applied during the assessment process are maintained throughout the life of a grant. 

2.0 Purpose 

This policy provides clarity to FFBC's approach to transferring of active grants. 

3.0 Policy 

3.1 Transfer of an Active Grant 

FFBC does not transfer active grants from a grantee organization to another organization. This includes transferring a grant from the lead organization in a collaborative project to another member of the collaborative.  

In cases where a grantee organization can no longer deliver the program or activities funded by the grant, FFBC will rescind the grant. Other organizations may apply for a grant in a future funding round to continue or grow the program or activities of the original grant with decisions subject to a full and complete review and subject to the recommendation of the LRC.  

3.2 Potential Administrative Transfers of an Active Grant 

When necessary, FFBC may consider administrative transfers (examples below). All requests for such transfers must include appropriate documentation and meet FFBC’s eligibility requirements.  

Types of administrative transfer which may be considered are:  

  • The grantee organization changes its legal name without changing its mandate, objectives, purpose or activities
  • The grantee organization changes its legal status (i.e. changes from not-for-profit to registered charity) without changing its mandate, objectives, purpose or activities
  • The grantee organization amalgamates, merges or consolidates with one or more organizations and the amalgamation, merger or consolidation maintains the grantee’s mandate, objectives, purpose, or activities
  • The administrative transfer was outlined in the original application 
  • Types of administrative transfer which will not be considered:
  • The grantee undergoes a change that includes or results in the organization’s eligibility, mandate, objectives, purpose or activities changing
  • The organization’s legal status changes and is not in line with FFBC Eligibility Policy (i.e. becomes unincorporated)

The grantee amalgamates, merges or consolidates with one or more organization resulting in changes to its mandate, objectives, purpose or activities

Logo Usage and Permissions Policy 

FFBC encourages all funded grantees to acknowledge support by using our logo on your social media updates, website, and print materials.  

Acknowledging the support from FFBC assists other Black-led, Black-serving, and Black focused organizations to know about grant opportunities that exist at FFBC.  

Building awareness of your programs helps the Black community served to know of the different supports and resources available to them. By using branded flyers, posters, newsletters, and news releases, you expand the visibility of your work. Through sharing stories, using our logo and tagging us on your social media, your work is amplified while also increasing awareness on how FFBC is supporting organizations like yours to make a difference in the community.  

View the official FFBC Logos

FFBC Media Release Boiler Plate 

FFBC encourages grantees and partners to use the following text for their press/media releases: 

The Foundation for Black Communities (FFBC) exists to ensure that every Black person in Canada can thrive, and that all Black communities have agency in defining their own future. FFBC invests in change-making, working with Canadian philanthropic, political, and business partners to ensure that Black-led, Black-serving, and Black-focused organizations have the sustained resources they need to make a meaningful impact.