The Foundation for Black Communities funds 31 Black-led, Black-serving and Black-focused projects as part of the Investment Readiness Program

In partnership with Community Foundations of Canada, Foundation for Black Communities’ Investment Readiness Program is funding Black-focused social purpose organizations across Canada.

Today, the Foundation for Black Communities (FFBC), in partnership with Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), is pleased to announce $1,506,205 in funding to support 31 projects through the Government of Canada’s Investment Readiness Program (IRP). This measure is supporting Black communities’ thriving in entrepreneurship and innovation, thereby reinforcing Black people’s well-being and economic prosperity throughout Canada. The Government of Canada’s $50 million renewed investment supports social purpose organizations (SPOs), such as social enterprises, non-profits, charities and co-operatives, as they strengthen Canada’s social finance market while helping their communities. 

The IRP supports social purpose organizations as they move towards investment readiness, creating sustainable long-term goals to join, or continue in Canada’s social finance market. Through the IRP, organizations are strengthening their operational and organizational capacity by building strategic plans, increasing marketing services, developing financial and tax services, or receiving legal and risk management services. Through these opportunities, social purpose organizations are preparing for the Government of Canada’s Social Finance Fund.

The FFBC received more than 400 applications, and through a participatory selection process, were able to identify 31 successful applications for funding. These 31 recipient organizations were selected based on the highest-ranking scores awarded by a Community Grant Review Panel, comprised of members of the Black community who brought the community lens into the grantee selection process. 

This funding is going to social purpose organizations working on remarkable projects, including:

  • $75,000 to fund TechSpark Canada of Ontario to scale the SparkPlug LearningDNA initiative, a tool created to empower educators and students to maximize their learning potential. 
  • $22,100 to fund Messengers of Change, Manitoba’s After-Hours Respite Childcare Feasibility Study to ensure that everyone involved in childcare services has the support they need.
  • $25,000 to fund Ubuntu Community Farm of Ontario to develop the Ubuntu Community Farm Sustainable Food System. Their mission is to support small urban farmers while building stronger communities and a better food system.
  • $74,940 to fund Ethos Lab of British Columbia to scale the Ethos Lab project. Ethos Lab aims to increase representation in Innovation by creating an inclusive space to amplify young, diverse voices.

“Our Government recognizes the integral role that social purpose organizations have in tackling social issues in Canada and the significant impact they have when given support and access to new funding opportunities. The organizations being funded by Foundation for Black Communities will help drive local solutions to improve the economic well-being of Black communities. The Investment Readiness Program supports our goal to increase inclusion and opportunities for participation of Canadians in their communities and is a foundational element toward building the economy Canadians want,” said Karina Gould, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development.

FFBC’s grant making follows the principles of the Ubuntu Model of Participatory Grant making (UMPG). It is based on the premise that we are all interconnected and that we can improve conditions for ourselves by improving conditions for those around us. The organizations listed above are but a sampling of the grantees that embody the philosophy of Ubuntu Participatory Grant making, as espoused by FFBC. 

“The Foundation for Black Communities is pleased to partner with the Community Foundations of Canada and the Government of Canada to deliver the Investment Readiness Program. It is profoundly important to acknowledge and invest in the entrepreneurial innovation of Black communities. By partnering on this initiative, we’ve been able to ensure that Black-led, focused and serving organizations are increasingly able to access funding opportunities to advance the well-being and economic prosperity of Black people throughout Canada,” shares Gladys Ahovi, President & CEO, Foundation for Black Communities.

The Investment Readiness Program has propelled social purpose organizations along the readiness continuum. As funded projects take root, the FFBC and CFC look forward to showcasing their impact in the community. To view the projects funded, explore the Investment Readiness Program results map and more, visit

To view the full list of recipients, visit: 


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